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The contest, open to US citizens or lawful resident under the age of 20 and currently enrolled in grade 9-12, is designed to provide the student with the opportunity to increase their knowledge of the US Constitution and win up to $18,000 for college.  To learn more about North Carolina Oratorical Contest Visit here or contact us here.



Since the inception of The American Legion Legacy Scholarship in 2001, The American Legion has offered its support to the children of fallen post-9/11 service-members through this scholarship. Beginning with the 2017 award year, The American Legion expanded the scholarship to include children of VA-rated, post-9/11 veterans with a disability of 50 percent or higher.  Learn more here or contact us.


The American Legion honors the Eagle Scout of the Year at the national convention with a $10,000 scholarship. The three runners-up get $2,500. Further information is available from department adjutants or the Americanism Division.  Contact Post 230 for more details on applying for this scholarship.

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