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American Legion Post 230 has a shooting range that is available upon request from our membership.  The Range is free to use for members of Post 230 and can be rented for use by concealed weapons instructors, police and other agencies that are looking for a flat range.

Range Hours

Monday:  9am - 5pm EST

Tuesday:  9am - 5pm EST

Wednesday:  9am - 5pm EST

Thursday:  9am - 5pm EST

Friday:  9am - 5pm EST

Saturday:  9am - 5pm EST

Sunday:  1pm - 5pm EST

All range use must be scheduled with leadership for Post 230.  To schedule or request use of the range, simply email  You will know your range time has been scheduled when you see it populate on this calendar located here.

Range standard operating procedures and cost for rent details are located here:  

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