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Pushing forward after Hurricane Matthew

We all know the difficulties that have been endured at the Post level. Back in October 2016, we were hit by Hurricane Matthew and since then we have been raising money and doing all we could to get the post back up and running. This includes eight months of hard work by the leadership to ensure we can get back to focusing on the four pillars of the American Legion. To get there, we must prioritize what comes next. The first step in this process is getting a facility in place that we can use for meetings, socials and community gatherings.

Through this process we started with what we believed would be an easy upgrade of the current facility. Although we believed this would be the route we would take, we set up an alternate path of a new facility just in case we ran into any issues. Anyone that has done construction knows that a project like this normally brings additional issues with it as you start looking at the entire project. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. Since the facility was built in the 40's, there are many areas that require an upgrade to ensure the facility is back up to code. Throughout multiple membership meetings we discussed this and we all decided that we would move forward with a new facility and continue to raise money to bring the old facility back up to code after we get a quicker and more stable building constructed.

Three weeks ago, we started a Poll to get any final comments on which direction we should go based on the information we had. Upgrade the current facility or erect a new facility on the Post grounds. Other than one vote, every single individual which voted (28 to be exact) voted for construction of a new facility. This was a great gauge of the membership that did not partake in discussions early this year and it reinforced the direction that had already been decided by the membership.

So, we are happy to announce that we are moving forward with construction of the new American Legion Post 230 facility. The facility will be 40' x 60' steel building. Once we have this facility up, we will focus on getting the Post back to supporting the four pillars of the American Legion and as that is occurring, we will continue to raise money to support the reconstruction of the old facility. Our 2nd Vice, is currently working other grants that may assist with this venture. Additionally, we are only waiting on approval paperwork for our solicitation license so we can do raffles and donation drives.

We will keep everyone updated as we continue to move forward with the project. Don't forget we are still raising money to support the addition of the new facility. If you know companies that would like to help, please explain what we do as a Post and simply point them to our donation page.

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