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Post 230 March Executive Committee Meeting Notes

On March 14, 2017 the executive committee for Post 230 will meet for their monthly discussion about the Post. Below are the details of this meeting.

1) Discuss upcoming election for officer positions inside of Post 230 coming in April/May for the new year starting in June 2017.

2) Discuss Post 230 website and any changes that may be needed to help with promotion and ease of use.

3) Discuss current Post situation and where we are in the fundraising process to get the post re-opened in the coming months.

- Home Depot Grant Submitted

- The Chive Charities Grant Submitted

- Local Work Quotes: Electrical, Sub-Floor and Water

- Golf Tournament

- Commercial Product purchase

- Adjutant Room Move

- Wall Panelling Upgrade

4) Discuss The American Legion Birthday celebration with Boy Scouts Troop 82 court of honor at Spring Lake Community Center

5) Discuss new Facebook group and changing from "closed" to "open" so community has a voice and can post without admin approval.

6) Discuss BBQ lunch and cost associated. Lunch will be open from 11am - 4pm on March 24th (First come first serve) with a cost of $10 a plate. Plate will consist of BBQ or BBQ Sandwich, Beans and Bag of Chips.

7) Discuss membership recruitment and online membership abilities through website.

8) Discuss committee's inside of Post 230 to help with growth and spreading workload.

9) Discuss Awards upcoming for Team Rubicon, Operation Supply Drop and ROTC program.

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