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Legislative Agenda for the 115th Congress

This weekend, February 26 - March 1, 2017 the American Legion will have multiple meetings with Congress on the areas listed below. Post 230's Commander will be in attendance looking to provide as much details to various government leaders as possible.

The American Legion's Washington Conference, held annually in our nation's capital gives our organization's leadership a chance to meet with elected officials to discuss legislative initiatives and priorities important to Legion members and their families. It also provides a forum that allows Legionnaires to hear from senators, representatives, and officials from the White House and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as they address our members at the conference.

The American Legion is the voice of nearly 2 million American Veterans and servicemembers. As a resolutions based organization, The American Legion's position represent the views of its members and are based on our four pillars: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism and Children and Youth.

The items below are the main areas that the American Legion will fight for in 2017.

Fully fund a superior national defense as the global war on terror continues

Limit outsourcing, unify VA's programs

Institute gender-specific health care for women veterans

Develop alternative treatments, therapies for PTSD/TBI

Reclassify cannabis for medical research

Support those who care for wounded Veterans

Provide mandatory end-of-service exams for reservists

Repeal unfair offsets that penalize disabled Veterans and widows

Protect student Veterans from predatory schools

Ensure those returning from active duty retain re-employment rights

Support Veteran-owned small businesses

Continue funding programs to end Veterans homelessness

Create an American Legion Commemorative Coin

To learn more about each of the areas above, you can download a copy of the agenda HERE.

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