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Today's Fundraising Goal:


Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina in October of 2016. The majority of the damage caused during the Hurricane was based on flooding that occurred because of all the rain prior to and during this storm.  This was one of the worst flooding events in the history of North Carolina and American Legion Post 230 North Carolina felt its effects.  Since the flood, we have been steadily working to get the post back up and moving forward to continue to support the community.  Much of the work we do starts inside the facility so getting it fixed is an important step in the right direction for us.


In total, it is assessed that the facility had over $200,000 dollars worth of damage. ​ Your donation will go a long way in helping us get the post back up and running. We provide services for active-duty, Veterans and their families from Fort Bragg, Pope Airforce base and Simmons Army Airield in North Carolina. The loss of the post has already had a substantial affect on the local community and getting things back up and running is our number one priority, but we need your help.


American Legion Post 230 in North Carolina is a 501(c)(19) Veteran support organization, which means your donation (individual or company) is tax-exempt. We will provide receipts to those that request them. Help us raise the needed funds so we can continue to be supportive of active-duty, Veterans and their families in the surrounding community.  We can't do this without you! 

May 24th, The Chive, Chive Charities, Chive Nation and the local community surrounding American Legion Post 230 are doing a flash fundraising to raise as much money as possible to support our efforts.  This is a 24 hour event!

Thanks to The Chive (story linked here) we received a grant for a total of $41,090 to help us get back on our feet.  We are still short $10,000 to help us get a new facility erected on the American Legion land. Help us crush the goal today!

POST 230 Images

AL Post 230 Flood Image 8
AL Post 230 Flood Image 4
AL Post 230 Flood Image 5
Floor Removed
AL Post 230 Flood Image 6
AL Post 230 Flood Image 1
AL Post 230 Flood Image 2
AL Post 230 Flood Image 3
AL Post 230 Flood Image 7
AL Post 230 Flood Image 9


4/1/2017:  We will add updates to this page each couple of days! 

4/24/2017:  We have been approved for a grant of $41,090 from The Chive. 

5/10/2017:  We have received a total grant from The Chive of $41,090 to help with Hurricane Matthew Relief.

5/20/2017:  Fayetteville Observer published an article to let the community know about our community event on May 24th.  Details located HERE with a good story about effort.

5/23/2017:  Final preparations have been made for Community event to coincide with Hurricane Matthew online flash fundraising event to support Post 230 get a new Veteran Support Facility.

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