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Option 1:  Fix Current Building

The current quote for fixing the current building is hovering between $50,000 - $75,000.  The current facility electrical must be brought up to code throughout the entire facility ($10,000).  Sump pump must be installed under new floor to include insulation and vapor guard to stop standing water ($5,000).  Subfloor and flooring must be reinstalled back into the facility where old flooring was removed ($35,000).  Plumbing throughout the entire facility needs to be brought up to code ($5,000).  Ceiling covered with dry wall with new lights installed to replace old (not up to code) appliances ($10,000)  [This is enough to allow us to use building]

Additional work required:  All paneling throughout the facility needs to be replaced with dry wall ($5,000).  

Time line for construction will be approximately 3 months from the time we start the project just to complete the initial piece of the building.  It will take additional time for walls to be completed.  All three quotes we have received have warned of possible additional costs associated with fixing building.


At the membership meeting on May 25th, we had a great discussion about which direction we should move in regards to fixing the post.  Some members who had not been to membership meetings in awhile felt that fixing the old building was more important.  Our goal is to get opinions on the option that is your personal priority.  So below we have outlined options for the membership and would ask you vote using the poll on the right side of the page for which option you want completed first. 


- There is no plans during the initial update of the facility to fix kitchen.  

- Our main focus is getting a facility back up so we can continue moving forward with the four pillars of The American Legion.

- No matter what decision, continued fundraising will be required from the entire membership to get us back into a situation where the post is where it was.  Goal for future is to have both Option 1 and Option 2 below.  (Note: Option 1 and 2 were approved inside annual budget plan by membership in March for 2018)

- New facility will cost less to get up and allows us to fundraise a bit more quickly on the post grounds, versus the old facility which will take time/money.


Option 2:  Erect new 40' x 60' Steel Structure 

We have received a quote for a new steel structure to be erected on our property would cost us $48,000.  We would need to add electricity to the building as well as HVAC ($15,000).  Total cost for a new facility with electricity and HVAC would be $65,000.


Time line for construction once we move towards new structure is one month from initial payment till building is ready for use from membership and those inside of the community.

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